Rare Set of Two Hundred Red Sulphur Casts of Gems by Cristiano Dehn ( 1696 - 1770 )

Rare set of 200 red sulphur Intaglios by Cristiano Dehn, worked in Rome,
establishing workshops in the Via Condotti, specialising in high quality casts
of gems, assembled in wooden boxes, with the original hand written catalogue.
The selected items were fitted with gold-edged paper frames and glued onto
the coloured, mostly dark blue background paper of the boxes.
Dehn's production was mainly for a predominantly Aristocratic clientele.
His shop was later in the Via Babuino, then in the Corso.
His casts after gems were mentioned in the letters of Goethe and Winkelman
and they sold so well that his son in law, Francesco Dolce, who had married Dehn's
daughter Faustina in 1764, continued the shop long after Dehn's death, into the 19th Century.


In 1772 Dolce published a catalogue of Dehn's impressions.
Dehn's collection of casts numbered over 28,000 and was eventually bought by James Tassie.