Angelo Campanella [ 1746-1811 ] Seven Engravings

Angelo Campanella 1746-1811 Seven engravings 5 shown from the wall frescoes of Villa Negroni-Rome, with extensive watercolour and bodycolour, after Anton Raphael Mengs and Anton Von Maron, from the set of twelve, published by the Architect Camillo Buti. Rome 1778-1802.

Provenance:- The Harris Family, Bowscar Hall, Penrith.


1. W:80cm-31.5" H: 65cm-25.5'
2. W: 80cm-31.5"H:65cm-25.5"
3.W: 90cm-35.5" H: 65cm-25.5"
4. W: 91.5cm-36" H:65cm 25.5'
5. W:77.5cm-30.5" H:65cm-25.5"
6. W:61cm-24" H:70cm-27.5"
7. W:77.5cm-30.5" H:66cm 26"

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